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hey!! have you watched Cobra kai season 5 yet? If yes, then you are surely excited to know exactly what happened in season 5. Netflix released cobra kai season 5 episodes on 10th September. If you didn’t watch this season yet, first watched it. we will analyze what happened in season 5 and also if there will be season 6. is season 5 is best among all seasons? let’s find out the answer to this question. tight your seatbelts, it’s going to be an amazing ride!

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What is Cobra Kai?

Cobra kai is an American comedy-drama television series that is based on martial arts and sequel to the original Karate kid film by Robert Mark Kamen. creator of this series is Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg. In beginning, the first two seasons were released on youtube red, then moved to NetFlix. till today there are 5 seasons of cobra kai. The story continues from The karate kid I, The karate kid II, and the Karate kid III. Ralph Macchio and William Zabka return as Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence after 34 years.

The first season of cobra kai was released on 2 May 2018 and the second on 24 April 2019. after producing the third season, youtube stopped production of this series. Then Netflix acquired this series and released the 3rd season on 1st January 2021. In the same year, Netflix released the 4th season of cobra kai on December 21st. and recently on 9 September 2022, they released cobra kai season 5

The plot of Cobra kai

After 1984 all valley championship, two arch-rivals Daniel Larruso and johnny Lawrence face off each other when johnny Lawrence restarts the cobra kai dojo. so daniel Larusso tries to stop him by teaching his miagi-do karate to johnny Lawrence’s son whose relationship with his father is spoiled. season 1 shows the rivalry between them. In season 2 Johhny realizes he is wrong. his students are learning wrong and he should stop the rivalry with daniel. At the end of season 2, the series shows an outstanding fight between cobra kai dojo and miagi-do dojo in school. Miguel gets injured at the end of season 2. season 3 continues with johnny Lawrence being blamed for Miguel’s injury. and john Kreese take over kobra kai. with the ongoing season, daniel Larusso offers johnny Lawrence to work with him. In season 4, daniel and john start working together with their respective dojos. On the other hand, john Kreese invites his old friend to help him to win the all valley tournament and spread cobra kai in all valley. At the end of season 4, daniel Larusso and John’s dojo get defeated by cobra kai. and terry silver who is a friend of Kreese, betrays him and sends him to jail. This story continues in Cobra kai season 5.

Cobra kai season 5

The story continues where tory Nichols wins the valley championship but later she finds out terry silver brought the umpire and did cheating. on other hand, Miguel who gone Mexico to find his father, finds out that his father is not like he thought. Robby realizes he did a mistake joining cobra kai and returns to his father johnny. both johnny and Robby go to find Miguel. as daniel loses the challenge with terry silver, he closes miagi-do karate, but chosen came to help him to stop terry silver from spreading his roots in the valley.

This season will lead us to the world karate championship where cobra kai, daniel, and john’s dojo will participate. In this season, Miguel and Robby will improve their relationship as friends. many new characters are appearing. terry silver became more powerful. Cobra kai season 5 is going to mystery box for his fans.


  • Is season 6 of Cobra Kai confirmed?

yes. the creators of cobra kai confirmed season 6.

  • Does Cobra Kai have good ratings?

The cobra kai series received great ratings on rotten tomatoes, Reddit, IMDB, etc.

  • Where can i watch cobra kai?

you can stream cobra kai on Netflix.

  • Who is Hawk’s girlfriend in Cobra Kai?

Moon is the girlfriend of Hawk.

  • who won all valley championship?

first Miguel and then hawk won all valley championship.


After discussing cobra kai season 5, we can say that hype is high for this season. fans are excited to see what happens in the valley. who will win? etc. if you didn’t watch season 5, we suggest you take your popcorn bucket and watch it. we can assure you that you will enjoy this season.

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